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Filter Cups are a convenient, disposable unit for easy and high performance filtration of liquid solutions. Cups have a 175-mL capacity. Choose from 13 filter medias. Membranes are 63mm in diameter with a 31- cm2 filter area. The filter cup is made of molded polypropylene with an integral thermally-bonded filter. Ideal for sterilizing tis- sue culture media, buffers, weak and dilute acids, and bases, and alcohols, or other solvent solutions. Consult chemical resistance charts before use. The tapered cup and compact profile can be stacked for multiple and simultaneous filtration steps. The filter cups come stacked for easy and compact storage. For added protection against contamination, the cup has a bottom lip to prevent the bottom support grid from accidently touching working surfaces. Order a filter funnel base to use the cup with vacuum pressure to speed the filtration process along. Bases easily attach to standard laboratory flasks with stopper sizes 5 through 8 available to fit standard size flask open- ings. The vacuum should be supplied gradually to 16” Hg (7.8 PSI). Glass Flask not included

The key differentiator from other filter devices is Filter Cups’ stackable, multi-stage filtration in a single pass. Filter Cup reduces the scientists bench-time spent on filtration by 50% to 66%. The fully burdened cost of a PhD in biotech can be $95 per hour. In terms of ease of use and in resource costs saved Filter Cup has very significant market application. The huge, global application for Filter Cup, the one in which Filter Cup is set apart from all other similar filter devices is

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