Plastic Jacketed Heating / Cooling Tank


  • FNPT Connections
  • Coolant Drain Plug/Valve
  • Removable lid


  • Easy Clean Up
  • Accepts many types of tank liners
  • Constant Temperature Control


  • Biological Fluids
  • Pharmaceutical Fluids
  • Food and Beverages


The high quality Plastic Jacketed Heating/Cooling Tank is designed to keep a constant heating/cooling temperature. These barrels are commonly used in the Biological, Pharmaceutical, Food, and Beverage Industries. These barrels exceed industrial standards. The HDPE plastic barrels has a double wall construction for the coolant jacket and copper coil for constant heating/cooling for the fluid being stored. The highly corrosive-resistant material is ideal because of its superior strength and chemical compatibility.

The housings are available in 50 L, 100 L, and 200 L sizes.

Design Features:

The objective of our Engineers was to design a temperature controlled Tank that is low cost and convenient to use. The ability to use tank liners in the Plastic Jacketed Heating/Cooling Tank makes it so it is sanitary and easy to clean when fluid is removed. Since the size of the Plastic Jacketed Heating/Cooling Tank is about the same size of normal storage barrels it can be placed on a storage tank dolly. Since it is connected heating or refrigeration system the tank does not have to be moved in or out of cold rooms or incubators.

Part Number Description
FSF00001.01 50L Cooling Tank
FSF00001.02 100L Cooling Tank
FSF00001.03 200L Cooling Tank

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