Filtration Products for Your Industry

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Applications Include:

DI Water
Plasmid DNA Purification
Protein Production (in bacterial, mammalian, or insect cell systems)
Antibody Manufacturing (vectors, proteins, or antibodies)
Gene Synthesis
Genomic DNA Production
Host cell optimization
Expression screening (cells, media, construct, culturing conditions)
Process development
Contract production
Enzyme and antibody assay design
Blood Products
Intravenous Solutions
Cell Separation
Cough Syrups
Chromatography Column Protection
Post Fermentation Clarification
Small and Large Volume Parentals:
   •Serum & serum additives
   •Growth media, additives & buffers
   •Microbiological solutions
   •Drug Screening
   •Protein Purification
   •Monoclonal antibodies
   •DNA solutions
   •Pharmaceutical preparations & intermediates
   •Chromatography solutions
Reagents Include:
   •Juices, Cider
   •Brines, Broths, Edible Oil
   •High Fructose Corn Syrup
   •Inks and Dyes

International Filter Products as well as our suppliers have used advanced technologies and innovations to develop a variety of filtration and related products. With implications in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical, Electronics manufacturing, and food and beverage Industries – Our products provide optimal filtration solutions where you need them most.



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Our engineers use their experience of over 30 years in filtration to selected supplies that have consistently reliable products, flexibility to develop unique products quickly and have an experienced technical staff capability of supporting our customers’ needs. Our final goal is to provide economical filtration solutions.



Our quality control procedures; order entry to product delivery ensures that the products ordered are of the highest quality. The suppliers we use are flexible permitting them to bring products quickly to the market without compromising on any required validation or specifications

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