IFP Services

We offer Mechanical Engineering, Design, and Consulting Services

Mechanical Engineering Consulting, Product Development, and Industrial Design are our specialties. We have extensive experience bringing new products from conception to market. Let us assist you with your mechanical engineering and product design needs.

Our engineers, scientists, and consultants are highly innovative, have decades of experience each, and bring with them a large body of technical and business knowledge across many fields. Many of our consultants have published in various publications, have experience giving technical presentations, and have held management positions in industry.

Our product development team is experienced in plastic design, industrial design, and mechanical engineering disciplines. We can get the job done correctly and quickly.

We are dedicated to our customers, and that's what makes us successful. Our customers are satisfied entrepreneurs and company representatives from large and small companies.

Your product will be developed using the latest state of the art technology. With the use of 3D Computer Aided Design, we can design and test your product for fit and function before making physical prototypes. You will be able to see a 3D image of your product on your computer. This gives you the ability to approve the design early in the development process. The result is a shorter development process, and a savings of a great deal money.

In development of your product or improvement of existing product
you will receive:

  • Experienced Mechanical Engineer.
  • Weekly updates of the progress of your product.
  • 3D CAD model of your product.
  • Converting 2D drawings to 3D CAD models
  • Full FEA analysis study
  • ASME calculations.
  • Drawings for your manufacturing.
  • Instruction Manuals for your product.

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