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Depth-Clear D is the combination of two proven Biotech products the Lenticular filter and the Bio-Process Container. The result is the first Lenticular filter system that is positively contained, and completely disposable. More importantly it is manufactured using Purolator LP’s Cellulosic Depth media which has been used in the Bio-tech industry for over 15 years.

The Depth Clear D product line is scalable for 1 cell to 32 cells with single layer media and up to 26 cells with dual layer media. It uses Purolator’s validated Pharmaceutical grade media: KP, KPLE and KC media. Micron rating ranges from 0.2 um nominal to 20 um nominal. Dual layer media come in a combination of 10um/ 0.45 and 20um/ 0.6um. These two medias were developed to for exceptional throughput when filter high cell debris centrate and high protein solutions.

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