D50C Filter Caps


D50C Filter Disc Capsules (50 mm diameter) have been designed for the stringent requirements of the Sterile Compounding Industry. The filter discs are available with four (4) different Pharma Grade membranes (Nylon, PES, HDPE, and PTFE) and three (3) component materials (Nylon, HDPE, and Polypropylene) ensuring that our products meet the chemical compatibility requirements for a wide range of medications produced by the Sterile Compounding Industry. Dual layer membranes are available for the tough applications where the active ingredient(s) doesn’t dissolve well in the base. This increases the volume filtered 35% to 2X more for a minimal cost increase. There are eleven (11) different connections for the Inlet / Outlet to choose from. The most popular fittings are Luer Female Inlet and Luer Male Outlet. The filters are factory sterilized, ready to be used out of the package, and include a complete certificate of conformance. Our filters are 100% integrity tested and comply with USP class V1, USP 797 guidelines, etc. Test samples are immediately available for most applications. The effective filter is 15.9 cm2.

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