C9 Lenticular Module

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The Depth-Clear P-Series filter modules (Lenticulars) are designed to specifically meet the performance requirements of the pharmaceutical and biotech industry applications. The nine- cell module handles low flow rates from 5.5 to 11.0 gallons per minute (25 to 50 Liters/ minute) exceptional well. The Table below shows all the available micron ratings, and the graph provide the flow rate Vs. pressure drop per micron rating. The depth-Clear proprietary formulation process produces filter media with exceptionally high, effective filtration area that provides superior particle retention, contaminate holding capacity, and long on-stream life. Parker's advanced manufacturing techniques and a highly automated production process result in consistent product quality and filtration performance.

To provide more flow rate options one to four modules can be stacked in a filter housing. The filter area ranges from 11 sq. ft to 44 sq. ft (1.0 sq. m to 4.0 sq. m)

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