Plastic Jacketed Heating / Cooling Tank

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Plastic Jacketed Heating / Cooling Tank

The high quality Plastic Jacketed Heating/Cooling Tank is designed to keep a constant heating/cooling temperature. These barrels are commonly used in the Biological, Pharmaceutical, Food, and Beverage Industries. These barrels exceed industrial standards. The HDPE plastic barrels has a double wall construction for the coolant jacket and copper coil for constant heating/cooling for the fluid being stored. The highly corrosive-resistant material is ideal because of its superior strength and chemical compatibility. 

The housings are available in 50 Liter, 100 Liter, and 200 Liter sizes. 

Design Features:

The objective of our Engineers was to design a temperature controlled Tank that is low cost and convenient to use. The ability to use tank liners in the Plastic Jacketed Heating/Cooling Tank makes it so it is sanitary and easy to clean when fluid is removed. Since the size of the Plastic Jacketed Heating/Cooling Tank is about the same size of normal storage barrels it can be placed on a storage tank dolly. Since it is connected heating or refrigeration system the tank does not have to be moved in or out of cold rooms or incubators. 


  • FNPT Connections 
  • Coolant Drain Plug/Valve 
  • Removable lid


  • Easy Clean Up
  • Accepts many types of tank liners
  • Constant Temperature Control 


  • Biological Fluids
  • Pharmaceutical Fluids
  • Food and Beverages
Plastic Jacketed Heating / Cooling Tank

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