Disc Filter

International Filter Products proudly presents our line of Disc Filters, engineered for unparalleled performance in fluid and gas filtration within the Sterile Compounding, Bio-Pharmaceutical R&D, and Ink Filtration sectors. Ideal for use in laboratories, pilot projects, and small-scale applications, these compact filters excel at reducing hold-up volume and mitigating exposure to hazardous substances. As a hallmark of efficiency and reliability, our disc filters conform to the highest safety standards applicable in modern labs and production environments.

Sterile Compounding and Bio-Pharmaceutical R&D

In the specialized arenas of Sterile Compounding and Bio-Pharmaceutical R&D, our disc filters deliver exceptional performance. Designed specifically for:

  • Filtration of aqueous, alcohol, oil, and testosterone-based solutions
  • Product sterilization processes
  • Compatibility with low flow filtration and bio bags
  • Ensuring the purity of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, biologics, and antibiotics
  • Facilitating scale-up processing
  • Production of ultrapure water
  • Serum processing

All of our offered filters are manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and comply with <USP 797> guidelines. They are pre-flushed with pharmaceutical-grade, pyrogen-free water and subjected to 100% integrity testing before dispatch. With strict adherence to ISO 13485 & ISO 14001 standards, our filters underscore our commitment to providing top-quality solutions that meet the demanding needs of sterile compounding and bio-pharmaceutical research and development.

Ink Filtration

International Filter Products is redefining ink filtration excellence, bringing our advanced disc filter technology to the forefront of the industry. Our filters are precisely engineered to offer:

  • Exceptional particle removal for pristine ink clarity.
  • Advanced fine chemical processing to preserve product quality.

Our disc filters are engineered to augment ink production processes, guaranteeing vibrant colors and consistent ink quality. They offer a reliable and effective solution for achieving the best results in ink filtration challenges.

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