Capsule Filter

Embark on a journey of filtration excellence with our dedicated Capsule Filters, designed specifically for Sterile Compounding, Bio-pharmaceutical applications, and Ink Filtration. Each category is uniquely engineered to address the distinct challenges and requirements within its field.

Sterile Compounding Capsule Filters

Tailored for the precise needs of sterile compounding, our capsule filters excel in handling aqueous, alcohol, oil, and testosterone-based applications. Equipped with Luer Lock inlets and outlets for seamless integration, these filters adhere to the highest standards of GMP and <USP 797> guidelines. Each unit is flushed with pharmaceutical-grade purified pyrogen-free water and undergoes rigorous integrity testing before dispatch. Free from animal-derived components and fully traceable by Lot Number, our filters meet ISO 13485 & ISO 14001 quality standards. At International Filter Products, we provide comprehensive support, including chemical compatibility, Bubble Point troubleshooting, filtration volume estimation, and dedicated engineering assistance to ensure pharmacists and technicians achieve optimal filtration efficiency and effectiveness.

Bio-Pharmaceutical Capsule Filters

In the realm of bio-pharmaceutical filtration, International Filter Products stands as a beacon of innovation with our range of capsule filters. Renowned for their superior chemical compatibility, these filters cater to a broad spectrum of applications, processing everything from buffers and media to antibiotics, vaccines, and serum mRNA, as well as innovations in Cultivated Protein, Cell-cultured, and Lab Grown Foods.

Equipped with our state-of-the-art Dual Layer, highly asymmetric prefilter, our capsule filters are designed to exceed conventional performance benchmarks. They deliver elevated flow rates, ensuring smooth, pristine filtration that sets new standards for efficiency and quality in bio-pharmaceutical processes.

Our capsule filters shine in versatility, handling volumes from 1L batches ideal for R&D or pilot phases to thousands of liters for bulk drug production. This range effectively reduces waste, optimizes usage, and enhances the return on investment.

Saint-Gobain's PureFlo® Z Series, celebrated for its gamma irradiation stability, positions these filters as the ideal choice for seamless integration into single-use sterile assemblies.

Manufactured in an FDA-registered facility, our filters comply with GMP and <USP 797> guidelines. Free from animal-derived components and adhering to ISO 13485 & ISO 14001 standards, each filter comes with a complete Certificate of Conformance and a comprehensive validation package. Our capsule filters epitomize quality, reliability, and safety in bio-pharmaceutical filtration.

Ink Filtration Capsule Filters

At International Filter Products, we elevate ink filtration to an art form with our innovative Depth-Media technology. Our capsule filters offer unparalleled particle removal, achieving exceptional ink clarity and safeguarding the integrity of fine chemicals. Precision-engineered for optimal performance, these filters exemplify our dedication to revolutionizing ink production through premium filtration solutions.

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