Jacketed Stainless-Steel Tanks

International Filter Products offers a wide range of jacketed stainless steel tanks available in a variety of materials and sizes. Our products are competitively priced and designed with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and efficiency. We offer both stainless steel and plastic-jacketed tanks used in the biological, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries, providing proper heating and cooling. Our selection of quality-made jacketed stainless steel tanks features portable recirculating chiller combination units, offering reliable cooling for many heat-removal applications.  

Guaranteed electro-polish quality and material conformity are also offered with our Stainless-Steel tanks. Our jacketed mixing tanks maintain 16 RMS internal finish, which affirms an excellent finish beyond our clients’ expectations. International Filter Products also carries heating and chilling units, mixers, accessories, and seal kits to support our tanks line.  

Engineers at International Filter Products set standards with ASME calculation and use AutoCAD Inventor for all the offered designs. We can provide our customers with 3D-models so that our design can be dropped right in their plant design to ensure that our equipment will be seamless. We also offer engineering consultation and custom modification to our standard tanks if required for our clients' benefit. 

We are stainless steel jacketed tank manufacturers that design our products to meet your specific needs and are backed by our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Browse our large selection of jacketed stainless steel tanks and choose the best one for your application.  

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Stainless Steel Jacketed Tank 

Sanitary Jacketed Mini-Bioreactor 316L SS 

Sanitary 316L Pressure Pots

Plastic Jacketed Heating/Cooling Tank

Recirculating Chillers

Tank Liners 

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