Sterile Tong F37944-0000 (1 pack of 25)


Sterileware® Sterile Mini Tongs

Discover precision and sterility with our Sterileware® Sterile Mini Tongs, the perfect tool for handling small quantities of materials in compounding or pharmaceutical applications. These lightweight tongs ensure effortless and accurate sampling with features designed for maximum usability and compliance:

Key Features:


Secure Grip: Equipped with ridged jaws, our tongs offer a firm hold on both wet and dry samples, providing you with a reliable and steady grip..
High-Quality Material: Manufactured from high-grade polystyrene plastic, these one-piece tongs combine durability with optimal performance in a sterile environment.
Sterilization Assurance: Each pair of tongs is individually packaged and sterilized by gamma irradiation to meet stringent sterility standards.
Traceability and Compliance: Every lot is stamped for precise tracing. The Sterile Tongs are shipped with a Certificate of Conformance and a Certificate of Processing for Sterilization.
25 units per pack