Tank Liners

The tank liners feature an open-bag, flat bottom design to enhance mixing while minimizing wrinkles or pleat fold over. The flexible liners offer cost-effective, single-use, biopharmaceutical and diagnostic reagent processing using a rigid plastic tank. Contour liners reduce cleaning validation and sterilizing of traditional containers. Most importantly, because they are single use, the potential of cross contamination between different products is reduced. Our sterile polyethylene tank liners are manufactured in a class 7 clean room.

We offer tank liners in two (2) different configurations; 3-D formed fitted with flat bottom and 2-D tank liners (similar to pillow bags except for top feed). The form fitted, 3-D tank liners with flat bottoms eliminate wrinkles and assist in creating a more uniform mixture when processing with 3-D liners.

Tank Liners Literature

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