Medium Capsules for Sterile Compounding

The SKL Series "H" and "S" medium-size filter capsules are widely used filter capsules in the Sterile Compounding and Pharmaceutical industry. The filtration area ranges from 650 cm2 to 1350 cm2. 

With all-polypropylene construction, it provides excellent chemical compatibility and superior flow per unit area compared to other membrane capsules. PureFlo® SKL Series Filter Capsules have been economically priced and specially designed for sterilizing in compounding pharmacy applications for commonly used solvents, bases (aqueous and oils), and medications. The medium-size filter capsules are available with a wide range of hydrophilic and hydrophobic membranes. For the pharmacist's convenience, a female Luer loc inlet connection is available with other fitting options. These filters are compatible with Baxter repeater pump or other standard repeater pumps or pharmacy pumps used in sterile compounding.   

All capsules are 100 percent integrity tested, factory sterilized, have a Certificate of Conformity, and comply with USP 797. 

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