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Our sterile compounding filter products include four filter disc capsules sizes (D25C, D50C, D65R, and D90R) and four small capsules sizes (JKP series, MKP series, and SKP series: “S” & “H”). The volumes to be filtered differ when using aqueous or pure oil solutions and are charted in the “Typical Filtered Volumes” section found below. Both filter discs and capsules have a dual membrane option for tough applications where the active ingredient(s) do not dissolve well in the base. The disc and capsule are available with three (3) different Pharma Grade membranes (PES, PTFE, and PP) to ensure that our products meet the chemical compatibility requirements. Our sterile compounding filters undergo an integrity test using a bubble point stand to comply with the chemical compatibility requirements. A failing result will be yielded in this technique when the product is not chemically compatible or has exceeded its pressure limitation. International Filter Products offers filters with low retention rates that reduce the hold-up volume significantly. An estimation for the hold-up volume for different connection types is also mentioned in the section, which helps the pharmacists select their best option. 

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