Stainless Steel Bioreactor

The Sanitary Small Bioreactor offers the Scientific community enormous flexibility in developing the next innovative process with an economical option. The available reactors sizes (7L, 10L bioreactor, 15L, and 25L) allow for temperature control, steam sterilizing, stirring, product recovery, process monitoring, all in sleek 316L BPE vessel designed to meet the requirements of the Bio-pharmaceutical Industry. Our jacketed bioreactors allow for heating and cooling functions to accurately control the temperature of your products. We utilize high-quality finishes, and each stainless-steel bioreactor is inspected and tested to ensure that all requirements are met.

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Features Applications Benefits

• Aseptic Design

• Maximize Product Recovery

• Jacket and Insulation

• Stirrer Access

• Dip Tube Design

• Temperature Control

• Instrument Port

• Multiple Seals Available

• Biologicals

• Pharmaceuticals

• Blood serums

• Cultures

• Laboratory Experiments

• Therapeutic Drugs

• Beverages

• Lotions and Creams

• Access for Cleanability

• Cool or Heat Fluid

• Steam Sterilize

• Use Air to Move Fluid

• Use Peristaltic Pump

• No Dead Zone

• Multiple Volumes Available

• Internal Surfaces < 12 Ra


Literature and Technical Data Sheets: 

Sanitary Jacketed Mini-Bioreactor Literature

Sales Drawing - IFP-021-1102-EJ BIOREACT, JACK, 2L, 316L SS (In-Stock!)

Sales Drawing - IFP-021-1105-EJ BIOREACT, JACK, 10L, 316L SS (In-Stock!)

Sales Drawing - IFP-021-1110-EJ BIOREACT, JACK, 10L, 316L SS (Out of Stock!)

Sales Drawing - IFP-021-1115-EJ BIOREACT, JACK, 15L, 316L SS (In-Stock!)

Sales Drawing - IFP-021-1125-EJ BIOREACT, JACK, 25L, 316L SS (In-Stock!)

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