Bioprocess Single-Use Products

International Filter Products have supplied innovative, high-performance polymer products for the most demanding applications. Our corporation has been built with the single purpose of serving the customer and a commitment to quality. IFP combines our material expertise and application knowledge with Saint-Gobain’s superior single-use bioprocess containers and other products to offer a wide array of custom and configurable fluid management solutions. Saint-Gobain’s tubing portfolio encompasses a range of material types to meet the needs of the bioprocessing industries. Offered in standard and custom sizes, our biocompatible tubes are supported by Validation Guides and technical expertise. Combine these tubing solutions with pure-fit fittings, Saint-Gobain single-use bioprocess bags, and filters to create single-use systems that protect your most critical bioprocessing fluids. Place your trust in our industry-leading quality systems, technical support, and validation services to find the optimum answers to your most complex fluid management challenges.

To serve the bioprocessing industry, International Filter Products provides a wide range of components and assemblies. We provide products made by Saint-Gobain here in the USA, a leader in the industry. In response to your requirements and consumption rates, we will stock for you and eliminate your shortages. We have divided our products into five categories: bioprocessing bags, single-use tubing, Pure-fit fittings, filters, and tank liners. As a result of the complexity of filter documentation and technologies, we have divided them into separate sections.

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