Blood-Serum Processing

Our expertise in handling diverse blood serum types is unparalleled. We offer specialized filtration solutions designed to manage varying blood serum characteristics proficiently. From innovative multi-layer polypropylene cartridges for efficient pre-filtration to sterilizing grade low protein binding PES cartridges for final filtration, our products are tailored for precision and effectiveness. This ensures the highest levels of purity and integrity in blood serum processing, catering to the specific needs of this sensitive application.


Cartridge Filter: Pharmaceutical & Sterilizing Grade

Cartridge Filter: Biological Grade

Cartridge Filter : PTFE (Vent Filter)    

Multi-Layer PP Cartridge (Ultra Pre-Filtration)  

Cartridge (Pre-Filtration) (Coming Soon)  

Single Element Housing

Duplex System (Coming Soon)  

Triplex System (Coming Soon)     

In-line Gas Filter Housing Housings

T-type Gas Filter Housings

Bio-processing Tubing

Bio-processing Fitting  

Tank liner


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