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We continue to monitor the impacts of Coronavirus (COVID-19) carefully, and we strive to ensure the health and safety of our collective employees and communities. International Filter Products is fully operational and fully stocked with most filters. We offer products for many major industries - learn how we can help you now...

International Filter Products Inc. (IFP) is a filter products company that provides a wide range of industrial filtration products offered to the electronic processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, biological, medical, chemical, and food & beverage markets. All of our products have many years of proven field service and are competitively priced. Our representatives are well-trained to discuss the attributes of the offered sterile compounding products and are happy to assist clients in selecting the right product for a specific application. New emerging technologies, driven by our customers' needs provide IFP with multiple opportunities to develop and or improve our products. Contact a customer service agent and find out how IFP can help you today.

Sterile Compounding Filters

We provide pharmacies with a wide range of sterile compounding filters, Bio-bags, filter caps, and more at affordable prices. Browse our quality products today!

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Professional Standard Bio-Pharmaceutical Filtration

C-Flex 072 Family Tubing Saint-Gobain Bioprocess Single-Use Products

In order to serve the bioprocessing industry, International Filter Products provides a wide range of components and assemblies. We provide products made by Saint-Gobain here in the USA, a leader in the industry. In response to your requirements and consumption rates, we will stock for you and eliminate your shortages. We have divided our products into five categories: bioprocessing bags, tubing, Pure-fit fittings, filters, and tank liners. As a result of the complexity of filter documentation and technologies, we have divided them into separate sections.


First and foremost we offer competitively priced capsules and the capsules that we offer are manufactured by ex-Millipore employees (both engineers), which provide extensive knowledge regarding the market requirements and product specifications. We have been specializing in custom filtration for over a decade and offer unique industry specific solutions

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The Sanitary 1-Round Stainless Steel Housings are designed for High Purity applications and are competitively priced. In-Line and T-Style housings are available to meet your process specifications.

IFP provides jacketed stainless steel tanks! We serve the electronic processing, pharmaceutical, medical, chemical, food, and beverage markets.

The high quality SS Jacketed Tank is economically priced and designed to maintain the fluid in the inter-tank at a constant temperature. These tanks are commonly used in the Biological, Pharmaceutical, Food, and Beverage industries.

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High performance all-fluoropolymer (Teflon) capsule is suitable for the most aggressive applications. It provides good fl ow rates and on-stream life at an economical price. The all-fluoropolymer construction provides excellent chemical resistance for the most aggressive applications


View the following documentation in PDF format for in-depth product specifications and application overviews for all of our Lenticular Stack offerings.

IFP Offers JKP & MKP Sized Capsules with Luer Lock Fittings

0.2 micron filters are an extremely popular pore size due to the wide range of industries they serve. Because it is such a vital pore size, the 0.2 micron filters come in a wide variety of filter types and configurations to serve all industries.

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Our engineering staffs are customer-oriented and willing to solve problems that others have abandoned. International Filter Products Inc. (IFP) provides a wide range of industrial filtration products and solutions to the life science, biomedical, pharmaceutical, microelectronic, and food & beverage industries. All our products have many years of proven field service, FDA approved, ISO certified, and are competitively priced. Our representatives and engineering team are well trained to discuss the products' attributes and are happy to assist customers in selecting the right product for a specific application. 

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