Small Capsules for Sterile Compounding

Economical small capsule filter assemblies are ready-to-use filters that offer high flows, increased throughputs, and high strength, all with the convenience and cleanliness of a disposable and easy-to-install filter assembly in a small package. The JKP and MKP capsules are designed for small-volume final filtration in the Compounding Industry for commonly used solvents, bases (aqueous and oils), and medications. PureFlo® Junior and miniature capsule assemblies are available with a wide range of hydrophilic and hydrophobic filter membranes with sterile filtration capability per USP 797 for liquid and oil applications. For the pharmacist's convenience, female Luer loc inlet and male Luer loc connections are available along with other fitting options. We have more fittings available than any other filter manufacturer. These small capsule filters are compatible with Baxter repeater pump or other standard repeater pumps or pharmacy pumps used in sterile compounding.   

Dual-layer membranes are available, providing the option, thus increasing the filtered volume 35 percent to 200 percent with only a small cost increase of approximately 15 percent. 

 All small capsule filters are 100 percent integrity tested, factory sterilized, have a Certificate of Conformity, and comply with USP 797. 

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