Recirculating Chillers

International Filter Products offers portable Recirculating chillers & chiller/heater combination units which are some of the most dependable units available on the market. Offering stable and reliable cooling for many common heat removal applications while remaining quiet and energy efficient. Also available are our 6000 Series Models with heating capability, which allows you to reach temperatures well above ambient to begin your operation and subsequently chill below 0° C.


Features of Our Recirculating Chillers

  • Large, dual displays that present temperature and pressure or flow rate simultaneously 
  • Heater option extends cooling temperature to +50°C, provides the ability to apply heat up to 70°C (6000 Series Only)
  • Readily accessible, reusable fluid and air filters simplify maintenance, maximize equipment uptime.
  • Compact & portable design, which takes up less floor space.
  • User-adjustable temperature, pressure, and flow rate alarms.
  • Multiple pump and compressor options available
  • Cooling at ambient temperatures as high as 30°C
  • Environmental control system that reduces noise and lowers energy consumption
  • Innovative technology which extracts heat quickly and efficiently, ensuring more precise temperature control and stability

BenchTop Chillers

These powerful, low-temperature recirculating chillers are perfectly suited for smaller volume applications, processes that aren't on a time crunch, or where space is an issue. Our BenchTop Chillers also offer lower temperature ranges than other product lines at -20° C.

6000 Series Chillers

6000 Series portable recirculating chillers offer stable and reliable cooling for many common heat removal and/or heat introduction applications. These versatile units are more than capable of tackling most heating/chilling tasks. With a working temperature range of -10° to +70°C, there isn't much this unit can't handle. 

DuraChill Series

Designed for high heat removal and/or heat addition in demanding environments, these DuraChill® Chillers provide robust and reliable temperature control for closed, external systems. 

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