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International Filter Products as well as our suppliers have used advanced technologies and innovations to develop a variety of filtration and related products. With implications in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical, Electronics manufacturing, and food and beverage Industries – Our products provide optimal filtration solutions where you need them most.

Our engineers use their experience of over 30 years in filtration to selected supplies that have consistently reliable products, flexibility to develop unique products quickly and have an experienced technical staff capability of supporting our customers’ needs. Our final goal is to provide economical filtration solutions.

Our quality control procedures; order entry to product delivery ensures that the products ordered are of the highest quality. The suppliers we use are flexible permitting them to bring products quickly to the market without compromising on any required validation or specifications

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Sterile Compounding Filters

We provide pharmacies with a wide range of sterile compounding filters, Bio-bags, filter caps, and more at affordable prices. Browse our quality products today!

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C-Flex 072 Family Tubing Saint-Gobain Bioprocess Single-Use Products

In order to serve the bioprocessing industry, International Filter Products provides a wide range of components and assemblies. We provide products made by Saint-Gobain here in the USA, a leader in the industry. In response to your requirements and consumption rates, we will stock for you and eliminate your shortages. We have divided our products into five categories: bioprocessing bags, tubing, Pure-fit fittings, filters, and tank liners. As a result of the complexity of filter documentation and technologies, we have divided them into separate sections.

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First and foremost we offer competitively priced capsules and the capsules that we offer are manufactured by ex-Millipore employees (both engineers), which provide extensive knowledge regarding the market requirements and product specifications. We have been specializing in custom filtration for over a decade and offer unique industry specific solutions

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0.2 Micron Filter Cartridge

First and foremost we offer competitively priced cartridges and the cartridges are created by ex-Millipore employees (both engineers), which provide us with extensive knowledge regarding the market requirements and product specifications. We have been specializing in custom filtration for over a decade and have developed some unique solutions.

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International Filter Products designs and manufactures the filter housings that we offer. This permits us to offer one of the lowest prices in the industry without a compromise on design features and quality. The extensive knowledge of our engineers resulted in the development of unique features to our filter housings line.

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International Filter Products' capability of solving your fine chemical filtration needs knows no limits. We are proud to offer the most filter configuration types that are currently available on the market, along with many configurations that can't be found elsewhere, all while providing a variety of media options to meet your needs.

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Beer, Wine & Spirits Filters

International Filter Products is committed to serving Wineries, Breweries and Distilling companies with our broad range of filter products.

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D4 Filter Caps

Our Laboratory Filters are competitively priced and were selected to enable the customer to easily scale up to larger flow rates. Therefore, all of our Laboratory Filters use the same filter media. In addition, small increments of filter area has been added between each offered size.

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International Filter Products offers portable Recirculating chillers & chiller/heater combination units which are some of the most dependable units available on the market. Offering stable and reliable cooling for many common heat removal applications while remaining quiet and energy efficient.

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All of the cellulose based products that we offer are manufactured in the United States and have been through over 40 years of developmental refinements.

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Filter Press

Our economical priced filter press immediately stands out due to the sturdy frame and overall design. The workmanship is exquisite and the engineering design detail is unmatched. Each leaf or filter plate is designed around a unique expanded metal flow plate that increases the flow area 40% over competitive designs.

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